At what time can we check-in and out?
All accommodations: Check In from 1 pm, Check Out before 12 am.

Is the price per room / suite or per person?
Prices are quoted per room per night, and include all taxes.

Can we settle the bill on arrival?
The bill need to be settled on departure; extra charges at any time.

Which languages are spoken at the reception?
English, Greek.

How many floors are there in the building and do you have an elevator (lift) in the building?
The AEOLOS hotel has 3 floors without elevator.

Are there quiet, private, romantic rooms?
Yes, of course.

Do the rooms and suites have a balcony?
Yes, all all the rooms have own balcony, overlooking the sea. Also, the hotel has a terrace and a courtyard.

Is there a TV in the rooms / suites? Are there international channels (satellite TV)?
Yes, there is satellite TV with international channels.

Is there a telephone with direct dialling in the rooms / suites?
Yes, all accommodations offer telephones with direct dialling.

Is there air conditioning in the rooms / suites? Is there any extra charge for this?
We do have air conditioning facilities with in-room controls in the all the accommodations. There is no additional charge for this.

Is there a swimming pool? When is it open?
Yes, there is an metre /  foot swimming pool at guests' disposal, and it is open everyday 000 - 00 hrs.

Is breakfast included in the price and what type of breakfast?
Breakfast is not included in the room price. Please, look at our rates page.

Is parking available?
Fee parking place is available on site with adequate park spaces.

Where can we rent a car?
Ask the reception. There are several car rental offices located within the vicinity of the hotel.

Are pets welcome?
Guide dogs and helping-pets are allowed. Also, other well behaved pets, but this should be arranged when making your reservation. Any other request please refer to the property.

Which is the nearest airport?
Skiathos airport on the neighboring island of Skiathos.

Do you have a pickup or shuttle service from and to the harbor?
No. However and only on request, we can arrange transfers with local taxis. Guest will pay for the taxi a 5 euro charge.

Is there a restaurant in the Property?
No, but there are many good local restaurants around. We offer 24 hour room service or can assist with restaurant bookings for you. Light snacks, omelets

Can I connect my modem so that I can surf the Internet from my room / suite?
Yes, this is possible. All accommodations offer ISDN connection. The charge is the same as a local phone call.

Is there a fitness centre, beauty room in the property?
Not at the hotel itself but we have facilities close by. Massages treatments and Shiatsu sessions are also available and the therapist / practitioner can do in-room. This can be organised in advance via the reception desk.